Box Step Form-Fitting Long Sleeve Bodysuit

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The subtle power of the box step is often overlooked. It's conciseness is incredible: in 6 simple steps, it teaches a new dancer how to take a step forward, backward, and to each side, all crucial elements of every other step in every dance. Waltz? Box step. American Rumba? Box step.

In homage to the mighty box step, we thought we'd put the sucker on a shirt. Enjoy!

Plus, if you're looking for a sleek, polished style, look no further - with this pull-on bodysuit you won't have to worry about untucked shirts that rumple. Not to mention it's also the perfect outfit for inspiring dance lessons!

• 93% cotton, 7% spandex
• Form-fitting long sleeve cut with a U-neck
• Pull-on styling
• Self-fabric binding at neckline and leg openings

Size guide

Length (inches) 19 1/4 20 20 3/4 21 1/2 22 1/4
Width (inches) 10 1/4 11 1/4 12 1/4 13 1/4 14 1/4
Sleeve Length (inches) 21 3/4 22 1/4 22 3/4 23 1/4 23 3/4

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