Feather Three Rewards are here! 

Hopefully, that's as exciting for you as it is for me!

If you'd like to try out the rewards system before I talk through it in detail, just click the red crown in the bottom right corner!

A note before I dive in: If you have any issues with your rewards (accidental multiple accounts, want to combine coupons, etc.) please reach out to me via the support email! I'm happy to help you out, though it may take a day or two (I'm human too).

Great! With that settled, here's what you need to know:


Referrals, Points, and Rewards

You can break the system down into two categories: referrals and points. Each gives you the opportunity to earn rewards you can spend in the shop.

Referrals get you more rewards in general, but points are easier to accrue through activities, (i.e. buying things on the site, having a birthday, etc.). I may tweak these as we go, but as of May 2020, this is what it looks like:


$5 Referrals for You and Your Friend!

A referral is when you give your friend (probably another fun dancer, like yourself!) your unique coupon code. Each of you gets $5 when they make their first purchase. Not too shabby! It's honestly as easy as that. 

To find your link, click the crown in the bottom right corner, create an account, and share your code!



Points are just as easy, but there are more ways to earn them, so it's slightly more complicated. Here's what that looks like:

  • 5 Points for every dollar you spend on Feather Three.
  • 100 Points for signing up for the program!
  • 300 Points every time it's your Birthday. Congrats!
  • 50 Points for following Feather Three on Instagram.

Again, all you need to start earning is to create an account. 

Points should auto-populate from past purchases (if you use the same email when you sign up) but if there are any issues, let me know and I'll do my best to sort it out.

Points do not currently expire, though as I learn more and the business evolves, I may have to change this. If that becomes the case, I will give you ample warning.



As noted above, the Referrals are rewarded with their own $5 coupons, which you'll see as soon as your friend completes their purchase. Congrats!

For points, these can be redeemed at 600, 1,000, and 2,000 for $6, $10, and $20 coupons respectively. Simply select which one you'd like to redeem in the crown panel at the bottom right of the screen.


a picture of my notes, as a visual guide (non-informational) to the rewards program

A Note on Using Multiple Coupons (It's Possible!)

Let's say you just had your birthday, and with those 300 points, you now have enough to get a $6 coupon. Amazing!

Let's also say that you give your referral code to a friend who buys something. Now you've got 2 coupons, for a total of $11 off your purchase, right?

Yes and no.

I currently can't automatically apply multiple discount codes on one order. Yes, this is a bummer, but it also prevents thieves from scamming the system, so that's a win for everyone overall. Thieves = no store.

If you have multiple coupons that you wish to combine, just contact me through support or through one of the social channels and I'll be happy to make you a custom code that gives you the full discount. I wish it were more automatic, but for now, this is what I have! 

Really, I'm a nice guy and I like seeing people use their rewards, so I'm happy to help!


A Note on Scamming the System

Is it possible to scam this system? 


The obvious one goes something like this:

You want to buy two shirts. You cleverly realize that, if you have two email addresses, you can simply send your referral code to yourself and cash in on two $5 off coupons. Score! 

*le sigh*

As a small business owner, it's pretty hard to stop this if someone is determined to be highly sneaky. There are ways to tell this is happening (shipped to the same address, etc.) but all of that takes a lot of vigilance and effort. 

Instead, I'd like to appeal to your sense of virtue and simply ask you not to do that.


Why? Because this reward program is intended to make things a little more fun for returning customers and incentivize helping Feather Three grow to new audiences. It's not there to provide instant-discounts; t-shirts aren't that lucrative in the first place, to be honest.

Most importantly, it's also because I tend to think people are, on the whole, good, and that if you ask them to be nice, they generally will. 

Thanks for understanding! 

And, with that, please enjoy the rewards program! Again, if there are any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

I look forward to seeing referrals and points come in! 

- Joel Torgeson, Founder and Lead Designer


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