We've done it! Feather Three has undergone the transformation from gendered language to more gender-neutral language. Our degendering process is complete, for now.

And we're pretty darn proud of it. 

"Why?" you ask.

Well, hear us out. 

Here's what we'll say: it's currently 2018, and whatever your politics, it's undeniable that long-held assumptions about gender are being challenged all across the world. Trans-gender, fluid-gender, and non-gender have all become increasingly important realities to acknowledge in the many human beings that inhabit our world. The nice 'men' and 'women' boxes that we've used for so many years simply do not do justice to the many different ways that gender is expressed in our world today. 

And we want to respect that. 

To be clear, we're not trying to tell you how you should refer to yourself. We'd never presume to do that! The majority of us and those who we work with tend to stick to he/she pronouns, and we take no issue with that. In fact, it's great! But so are the many people we know (and many more who we do not) who feel constrained by a binary division where they don't belong fully in either or any group. 

And so, in order to be as inclusive as we can be, we've taken out the 'Men's' and 'Women's' lines, and replaced them with 'Unisex' and 'Form-Fitting.' 

"But a rose by any other name..."

Well, that's kind of the point, isn't it? We've still got the same styles, and they're going to fit the same way, but we've done away with the language that would have excluded certain groups of people in the past. Yes, the garment industry as a whole is still firmly based on two different models, and we don't expect that to change terribly much in the coming few years, especially for small startups like us who must build on the work already done by others. Degendering is a process. But we hope that by changing the language, we can showcase that, really, anybody can wear whatever they'd like.

On the whole, we think our philosophy is nicely summed up by our newest design: "Dance with Whoever Makes you Feel Happy."

When it comes down to it, dance is all about having a good time and improving the quality of our lives. Whether you do that in a shirt that's for men, women, in-between, or none of the above, we're just glad you're out on the floor shaking a leg in the first place. 

So get out there, maybe grab a shirt from our Degendering Collection, and if you do just one thing for us please make it this:

Have a good time doing what you love to do: dancing. With whoever makes you feel happy.

We'll see you on the floor!

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